4 Way Too Common Blogging Time Wasters

4 Way Too Common Blogging Time Wasters 2
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Time wasting blogging activities kill your chances at succeeding online because engaging in wasting time eats up your success, one ineffective act at a time.

I am all about leveraging. I do a few things daily to reach the maximum amount of targeted folks in as little time as possible. I do this by pruning my blogging day of time-wasting activities.

Check out these time wasters to see what needs to go from your blogging campaign.

1: Email

Email may be the biggest of common time wasters at work for the sheer attention it grabs in the minds of most blogging entrepreneurs. Checking email 20 or even 50 times daily is not unheard of in business circles. Every 2 to 5 seconds spent visiting your inbox adds up to hours over the course of months. Stop checking email frequently. Scan email a few times daily to maintain posture and to save oodles of time. Email is just email. Email is not the source of your blogging success. Your mind is the source of your blogging success.

2: Non-Essential Blogging Tasks

Failing businesses give a lion’s share of attention, time and energy to non-essential business tasks. Growing your bottom line becomes impossible if you and your team give your time and energy predominantly to actions that do not grow your overall blogging business.

I have observed bloggers spending hours copying and pasting links to Facebook Groups, among other time-wasters. Does copying and pasting links to a high number of Facebook Groups sound like an essential business task developing your skills, exposure and credibility? Nope.

Focus on the meat and potatoes of blogging. Create helpful content. Build strong bonds with pros. Monetize generously.

3: Poring Over Blogging Metrics

Engaging in a healthy analysis of your business metrics gives you clarity, focus and a sense of direction about your venture from a confident, deliberate approach. But spending 5 hours daily frantically number crunching wastes your time on outcomes because time spent analyzing could be time spent creating and connecting.

The bulk of your business success rests on mindfully following processes providing benefits to your readers, not worriedly obsessing over outcomes that always take care of themselves for generous bloggers.

Be about the process to build your blogging business on a granite-like foundation of value, trust and credibility. Blogging metrics may nudge you in a new direction or perhaps you move in a different direction on careful analysis, combined with critical scrutiny. But never fall completely down the rabbit hole by wasting precious hours daily obsessing over numbers on a screen. Numbers mean nothing, ultimately. Helping human beings means everything.

Crunch a little then create a lot to use time effectively.

4: Obsessing over Blogging Competition

This one always drove me bonkers.

Why would you waste time fearing fellow bloggers if you could simply save time and co-create with fellow bloggers to make all of you successful? It has been said that a rising tide lifts all ships because we live in abundance. No shortage, loss or competition exists in an abundant universe.

Stop obsessing over bloggers in your niche. Stop fearing these folks taking anything from you. Both fears waste your time. Co-create with these pros. Learn from these pros. Cease to fear blogging competition. Work together with bloggers in your niche to accelerate your collective success exponentially.

Versus fearing 10 bloggers in your niche stealing your profits, promote these 10 bloggers, ask for nothing in return, make friends with them and observe how much your traffic and profits increase when 10 bloggers:

  • promote you
  • endorse you
  • mention you on their blogs
  • buy your stuff
  • hire you

Talk about an effective use of your time.


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