Profitable Blogging Bonds Sometimes Begin on Rocky Footing

Profitable Blogging Bonds Sometimes Begin on Rocky Footing 2
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Again, and again, and again, I made money blogging *after* running into resistance in a relationship. One time, I flipped out, became angry, got nasty with a client, and wrote him off. I literally fired him. But he apologized to me. He wished to work with me. I immediately apologized for acting like a jerk to him. We bonded. I worked for him again. I had a blast making more and more money while helping him with content. 

NEVER write anyone off for good unless the individual has turned vicious, nasty or hate-filled, for a sustained period of time. We are human. We have moments. Never write anyone off unless you two simply do not vibe with each other. This happens. Some blogging friendships feel seamless and effortless. All flows easily. No disagreeing. No discord. All good. But some blogging friendships encounter disagreements, and maybe even a little fighting or bickering. For some odd reason, these moments of non-resonance seem to yield sweet blogging profits for me. I learn lessons like: be compassionate, be forgiving, be relaxed, and suspend judgment, if some disagrees with me or even criticizes me. Be open-minded. People can expand your mindset, alerting you to seeing things a new, more profitable, way. Or people simply test your clarity in your viewpoint. 

Some people simply will never be matches for your products and services. Listen to your intuition. Let them go gracefully. But some people are good matches, yet, you need to display more confidence, compassion and kindness, to yield sweet fruit for both parties. Intuitively, you’ll know who needs a kinder, gentler, more deft, touch, for developing profitable blogging bonds. No set rule exists for releasing folks or for working with folks. Trust your gut.

I write this post to simply alert you; never run and hide if a client or customer offers negative feedback. Never write someone off if their guest posting rules seem different from your writing style. Perhaps you eventually find a profitable meeting ground. Or maybe a blogger bends their guest posting rules for you, based on trust, friendship, and mutual understanding. I think back to eBook sales, course sales and freelancing profits I earned by working WITH and not AGAINST people who I dd not align with 100% as far as blogging styles. Do not fight or judge people who share a different strategy than you.  If they have a good heart, and if they are kind, see if you can work with them by finding a meeting ground. Perhaps you change your style a little bit, and maybe they change their style a little bit, and you both work together, to profit.

Find middle ground. Be flexible. Being open to change – to benefit both parties – proves to be a prospering venture. Never see things solely through your vantage point. Work with clients and customers. If things get a little bumpy, roll with it. Be patient, persistent and most of all, be open to a new way of doing things. Leave your comfort zone. I felt incredibly uncomfortable working with folks who nudged me out of my way of blogging, based on their rules or desires or strategies. But working with these folks – even though I felt super uncomfortable doing so – helped me profit online.

All growth occurs outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes, the growth happens more seamlessly, with ideal matches. Other times, the growth feels more unpleasant, as you work with folks who have a different vision. Learn to spot the difference between a poor match you need to release and a good match who you need to work with, to render useful service, and for your increased blogging profits.


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